Banking Services South Africa

Banking Services South Africa
Banking Services South Africa

It is a fundamental need that has to be put in place before any business can operate, but opening a bank account and securing the best service for your business, is not as easy as it sounds when you are a foreign-owned company.

Our banking services provide a number of different benefits to companies setting up and running operations in South Africa:

CORPORATE SAVER ACCOUNT – This can be opened remotely, allowing you to set up banking facilities as soon as you finalise your company formation in South Africa.

It is akin to private banking for corporates, with a dedicated consultant who makes all your payments on your behalf. The security levels invoked are of the highest standards. It simplifies the process of making payments, meaning you instruct only your dedicated consultant. Statements and queries are all just a phone call away.

Even better, is the higher interest rates you receive on your balance and transparency of charges. In fact, if you maintain your balance at agreed levels, there are no transaction charges at all.

As a corporate saver account holder, you will benefit from free registration for currency transfers that can be made directly from and into your corporate saver account. The currency rates are once again far more attractive than is normally offered by banks.

In summary, corporate saver offers convenience, security and high returns on balances. It makes sense for the modern business and is particularly attractive to foreign-owned companies commencing operations in South Africa.

Our clients will also benefit from a personal introduction to our partner banks – no standing in queues and guessing what suits your requirements the best.

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