Business Visa for South Africa

Business Visa - Permit for South Africa
Business Visa – Permit for South Africa

Applicants for a Business Visa for South Africa are invited from migrants wishing to own and run a business. The business visa allows an applicant to either set up or purchase a business in South Africa which they can also work in.

The main criteria resolve around the investment amount, the business plan and the number of South African jobs the business will create.

Investment amount

Regulations stipulate that an investment is required into the business within a 2 year period of the business visa being granted. It further requires that this investment be made from foreign funds.

It is possible to get a waiver against this investment amount in certain circumstances. To apply for this, the proposed business will need a first-class business plan, high employment of South Africans and sufficient capital.

If you wish to see if you may qualify for a waiver or commence the process of ascertaining your eligibility please fill out our contact form below.

The business plan

It is imperative that migrants wishing to apply for a business visa for South Africa submit a proper business plan with their application. Intergate Immigration has an expert in this field who will work with you in compiling the business plan.

Employment opportunities

Migrants wishing to obtain a business visa need to provide employment for a minimum of 60% South African employees within a 2 year period.

Professional Services for Business Visa – Permit for South Africa

Intergate Immigration offer a holistic service for applicants under the business visa category.

We have successfully helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and investors to set up operations in South Africa. Aside from taking care of the Home Affairs preparation and submissions we can provide:

  • Business structure advice and set up
  • Company formation
  • Tax structures and advice
  • Business and marketing plans
  • Banking and corporate savers
  • Money transfers and exchange control
  • Insurances

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