Buying a Property in Cape Town, South Africa

Buying a Property in Cape Town
Buying a Property in Cape Town

Buying a Property in Cape Town, South Africa is not like it is in many other countries! South Africa is a huge country with many different areas and types of property and has a very different system for buying property.

The process of selling and buying a property in South Africa is very biased towards the seller and foreign buyers can find themselves extremely disadvantaged – that’s why we focus on the buyer’s needs only.

For many finding the correct property is the single most important item about immigrating and may well be the conclusion of having that ‘dream house’. When dealing with such an important decision, the commitment both financially and emotionally is huge and mistakes can prove to be very costly.

Finding the right property

How can you be sure that you are selecting the right location, buying a property at a fair price, or fully understand how the negotiation processes works?

How do you get to see and arrange all the necessary appointments and liaise with the agents here in Cape Town, South Africa, ensuring you are not missing out on that dream property?

How do you avoid some of those horror stories you may have heard?

Our Property Buyers Consultancy Service

Initial consultation

We carry out a comprehensive initial consultation that provides us with in-depth insight into exactly what your requirements are. By a series of e-mails, telephone calls, our questionnaire and face-to-face meetings, we get to thoroughly understand your needs, establish a budget and guide you through appropriate areas to consider.

This includes pre-approval of property finance (where required) and detailing all buying costs, as well as the transfer process and procedures.

Orientation and viewings

We take the time to ensure the correct location is found. Do the local amenities offer what you need, is schooling at hand and what it is like to live there? Once an area, or selection of areas, is decided upon, we use our extensive network of estate agents, private sellers and area knowledge to locate appropriate properties options.

After drawing up a shortlist, we accompany you on viewings pointing out the good, bad and ugly until the right property is found.

Negotiating the offer – Buying a Property in Cape Town

Negotiating the offer is a key part of purchasing property in South Africa. Unlike many other countries, when an offer to purchase is made in South Africa it is done so in writing and is legally binding. Once the purchaser and seller have signed the offer to purchase, this contract cannot be cancelled and changes can only be made if both the purchaser and the seller agree in writing.

Our attorney proofs all offer to purchases before they are presented to the selling agent and vendor.

When calculating the purchasing price our experience and processes help ensure you obtain your selected property at the best possible price. Our buyers consultants are up to date with the latest activity in your chosen area, have access to the latest prices paid and are trained in negotiating skills. We don’t want you to pay a rand more than you have to!

Service during the buying process – Buying a Property in Cape Town

Our role does not finish when the offer to purchase is accepted. We continue to monitor and liaise with the various parties involved, such as attorneys, banks and the selling agent. We assist in arranging surveys, guiding you through exchange control and money transfers to ensure the purchase proceeds with the minimum hassle to you the client.

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