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Intergate Immigration Service
Intergate Immigration Service

Intergate Immigration has been a supplier of immigration services to South Africa since 2005.

We are able to service the individual’s visa and permit needs as well as provide companies and their employees with a full range of corporate immigration solutions.

Our range of services include:

All South African Visas and Permits including:

Relocation Services

  • Property search – purchase and rental.
  • Money transfers – money transfers to and from South Africa, as well as assistance with opening a South African bank account.

Immigration to South Africa – Our Vision

Immigration to South Africa can be fraught with difficulties and misinformation. Intergate Immigration receives around 25% of all its enquiries from companies or individuals who have ongoing applications that have gone wrong.

We value our relationship with our clients and Home Affairs and to this end have adopted the following values as our every day mantra:

  • Get it right first time – Advising our clients and obtaining the correct visa or permit is a complex area. Our immigration consultants are experienced and knowledgeable, and up to date on the latest immigration regulations.
  • Client expectations – Surpassing client expectations is about transparency, communication and responsibility. Each individual deals with a specific client manager and a specific administrator. Always available, they are there to provide updates to clients on visa application progress and address any queries or concerns.
  • Local knowledge – Immigration rules and regulations are all about interpretation and text cases. Whilst it could be viewed as a disadvantage that Intergate Immigration is South African-based, the opposite is true. Each and every day, we deal personally with the main Home Affairs offices, interfacing with their staff, so our knowledge is up to date. The Immigration Practitioner’s Forum is the recognised forum for communication between Home Affairs and Immigration Practitioners. Our commitment to training and professionalism has seen us appoint 7 dedicated Immigration Practitioners, meaning we have an unrivalled presence on this forum.
  • Results driven – Our clients do not want to hear “There is nothing we can do, it’s at Home Affairs”. Simply put, it is both unfair on Home Affairs and the client. Home Affairs receives an excessive number of incorrect applications making a difficult job all the more harder. Every single application we submit is quality checked and we accept the responsibility of handling the application on your behalf. Whilst we cannot guarantee that queries never arise, we can guarantee our endeavors to deal with them in an efficient and timely manner.
  • Holistic service – It’s not just about receiving the correct South African visa or permit. A successful relocation involves many other aspects. The Intergate Group includes professionals in the areas of property, business structures, currency exchange, exchange control and wealth management.

We have proudly assisted thousands of individuals and major corporates to be able to call South Africa their new home and thank them for selecting us as their preferred immigration partner. To new clients – we look forward to welcoming you and would like to take this opportunity to assure you of our best attention at all times.

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