Corporate Relocation South Africa

Corporate Relocation South Africa
Corporate Relocation South Africa

Corporate Relocation South Africa – a trusted outsourced partner.

Are you recruiting staff from abroad?

Tired of answering questions about traffic departments, the right schools and the nicest restaurants and fitness clubs?

Is your HR department functioning more as an event organiser or life coach instead of focusing on the core business?

Well, let us do that job and ensure that your staff is fully set up and ready to focus on the job from day one.

We organise everything for your foreign staff from the relevant permits, accommodation, registration of their vehicle to finding the right schools for the kids.

Companies lose between 15% and 40% of all staff relocated before the end of the contract period resulting in wasted recruitment costs, expensive relocation and skill shortages.

Even when a corporate relocation of staff is undertaken within a country, staff turnover increases. This turnover becomes worse when relocating staff internationally.

Cited reasons include:

  • Frustrations with their permits and their family’s permits.
  • Finding suitable schools for their children.
  • Partner unhappy and not settling in.
  • No friends or social life.
  • A lack of area knowledge – where it is safe to go, access to doctors and general know-how.
  • Unable to arrange ‘simple things’ such as banking, telephone and ADSL connections.
  • Difficulty in finding the right place to live.
  • A lack of support from a suitable support system for themselves and their families.

With a shortfall of some 300,000 skilled professionals, it is now a common place for South African based companies and corporates looking to set up operations in South Africa, to have to look internationally to fill key roles.

Whilst the individual recruited is required to be up and functioning in their new role as soon as possible, they may have other responsibilities towards their family, finding accommodation and general settling in issues. It is often these things that they have to focus on rather than the job at hand.

Intergate Immigration is able to offer tailor-made corporate relocation services to our corporate clients. With a team of in excess of 45 skilled relocation experts we are able to offer expertise and services in the following areas:

  • Immigration visas and permits.
  • Property search – rental and purchase.
  • Shipping of personal goods.
  • Taxation – personal registrations, returns, compliance and consultancy.
  • School search.
  • Area knowledge inductions.
  • House setup.
  • House breakup (if the individual is returning home).
  • Moving money.
  • Telephone support.
  • Recruitment of personnel.
  • Social network.
  • Banking.

After consultation with the corporate, we agree which services are most relevant to their needs, relocation policy and budget.

Our goals are:

  • Reduce the burden on Human Resource Departments and Senior Management by becoming their trusted relocation partner.
  • To aid the attraction of ‘skill shortage workers’ and their retention.
  • To provide a support service that aids the settling in of new recruits and their families.

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