Corporate Work Visa South Africa

Corporate Permit South Africa
Corporate Work Visa  South Africa

The world is flat and it’s a global competition to recruit and retain skilled professionals. For companies in South Africa, a corporate permit can be the ideal way to help you attract and retain foreign staff without the normal permit and visa issues you may have experienced or indeed are avoiding.

It’s not just the larger international companies that are searching for skilled staff. South Africa is experiencing a skill shortage of 300,000 people, particularly in the fields of IT, engineering, finance, construction and management, meaning many smaller businesses are facing the same issues.

Benefits of a Corporate Visa

Obtaining a corporate visa has many benefits for the employer and employee. Below we list just a few:

  • Permission is provided, by means of the issuance of a corporate visa, for the recruitment of a quantity of individuals over a set period of time. This allows for:
    • Flexibility in your recruitment needs.
    • Speedier permit delivery time for individual visas.
    • Attraction of key staff by offering a work visa.
  • A more cost-effective solution to meeting you immigration needs, if you plan on recruiting more than 6 individuals from abroad in the next 2 years.
  • Staff retention by being able to provide a ready-made immigration solution when current visas expire. The visa is also specific to the employer meaning staff wishing to join another South African employer would need to get another visa before they could change jobs.
  • Reassurance for the employee that their prospective employer has planned and put into place the necessary structure to aid them with a successful relocation.
  • No need for employees to worry about struggling their way through complex immigration permits and visas.

If you would like more information on corporate visas and how Intergate Corporate can help with your recruitment of foreign staff contact our corporate team today.

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