Information about renting a property in Cape Town, South Africa

Our property rental services, Cape Town have been set up to assist you in all areas of renting a property in Cape Town. We will be able to help and advise you throughout the whole process, while looking out for your best interests at all times, making it stress free for you.

Our services include the following:

  1. Introduction meeting, to find out exactly what you are looking for in the rental market and what your area requirements are.
  2. Providing advice, if needed, on areas to consider, the rental process and the cost of rentals within the different areas.
  3. Our property expert will find suitable properties for rent in the area that you have chosen via local estates agents as well as other search methods.
  4. Liaise with the agents on your behalf, representing you, the client.
  5. Set up appointments to view the properties that match your specific requirements and accompany you on the viewing of these properties.
  6. Advise you on each property viewed.
  7. Sending the rental agreement/contract to our attorneys so they can vet the contract and make sure there are no hidden clauses that may be to your detriment.
  8. Negotiate the rental and rental period on your behalf.
  9. Meeting you to hand over the keys and remotes for the property.
  10. Inspect the property with you on date of occupation and assisting you with the list of defects, if any, on the property.

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