Information for South Africans with dual nationality

There is no easy answer to this one as it is dependent upon the method you obtained your second passport by and also whether you sought permission from Home Affairs prior to applying for dual citizenship.

South Africans can lose their citizenship if they obtain citizenship of another country by a voluntary and formal act, other than marriage. This can be avoided if they apply for and receive permission to retain their South African citizenship prior to obtaining the citizenship of another country.

Since 2004, South Africans who hold dual nationality may travel without difficulty, provided that they enter and leave South Africa on their South African passports.

If a South African holding dual nationality enters or leaves South Africa on any passport other than their South African passport, or makes use of the citizenship or nationality of another country while in South Africa to gain an advantage or avoid responsibility or duty, it is deemed an offence and on conviction can be liable for a fine or even imprisonment.

Many South African nationals have since gained another citizenship, often through naturalisation. This is where most of the complications arise.

The best way to check is via a citizenship check.

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