Settling in Services – Cape Town Neighbourhood Knowledge

Settling in Services - Cape Town Neighborhood Knowledge
Settling in Services – Cape Town Neighborhood Knowledge

It’s all about location, location, location – and Cape Town is no different to any other city in this regard. One of the biggest influencing factors in a successful relocation is making sure you choose to settle in the right area and get familiar with that area.

Our Neighbourhood Knowledge is designed to ensure you have all the facts at hand to make the right decisions and go about enjoying your new neighbourhood to the full.

Neighbourhood knowledge includes the following services:

A consultation is conducted, followed by an assisted area tour, by motor vehicle, to familiarise you with:

  • Schools in the area – including aftercare and nursery schools.
  • Shopping centres, local convenient food stores.
  • Garages / petrol stations.
  • Post office / Telkom office / municipality.
  • Banks.
  • Doctors and hospitals – supply contact details of GP, hospital, emergency assistance.
  • Sports and recreational centres.
  • Restaurants in the area.
  • Beaches and parks.
  • Police Station – Provide number.
  • Traffic congestion hotspots –alternative routes or times.
  • Vets – provide numbers.
  • Old-age homes.
  • Points of interest.

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