Information for South Africans with children born abroad

What about our children they were born abroad and have foreign passports?

If you have children that were born abroad and only hold foreign passports the following situations can apply:

1. Both parents are South African with only South African citizenship

The child could not have a foreign passport in this instance. The parents must register the birth of the child with the South African authorities in the UK. Only after this has been done will the child be in a position to register for a passport on which they can travel.

2.Both parents are holders of two passports

The child qualifies for dual citizenship. The birth could potentially be registered with the UK and S.A authorities in the UK simultaneously. (In order for a child to apply for an S.A passport or if the need arises an emergency travel document, the birth will need to be registered with the South African authorities.) If the child has both passports, it must leave the UK on the British passport and enter South Africa on the South African passport. However, if S.A registration does not take place prior to departure, the child can enter S.A on the British passport and will receive a 3 month visitor’s permit. Registration of the child’s birth can then be applied for whilst in South Africa at the Department of Home Affairs. This process can take between 6 and 12 months and so in order to maintain the child’s legality during this process; a relative’s permit can be applied for on the basis of the parent’s citizenship.

3.One parent is the holder of two passports

One parent is sufficient to enable a claim for dual citizenship.

4.Only one parent is South African

One parent is sufficient to enable a claim for S.A citizenship and the child may further apply for the citizenship of the other parent.

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