South African Visas and Permits

South African Visas and Permits
South African Visas and Permits

If you are thinking of moving to South Africa, speak to us. Intergate Immigration offers a comprehensive service to people wanting to relocate and we can help you with all aspects of your move.

Before you move you will need to apply for a South African visa. The category of immigration visa you apply under will depend on your reason for coming to SA. You may have been offered a new job or a place at a tertiary institution, or you may simply enjoy the beautiful scenery, but whatever it is that attracts you to the country, we can help.

Read on for more information about the various categories of visas and if you need more detailed information, contact us by email, request a call back or call us on +2721 424 2460. We’re ready to help.

Work visa

Work visas are issued for two main reasons by the Department of Home Affairs: if the issuance of such a work permit will help to meet any skill shortage that currently exists in the country or if there is a requirement for a company to relocate staff on a temporary basis to their South African operations. Read more…

Retired Persons Visa

With the Rand exchange rate offering good value for money for people bringing foreign exchange into the country and South Africa’s favourable climate, it’s not surprising that an increasing number of people are choosing to spend some or all of their retirement years in the country. Read more…

Business Visas

The South African government is actively trying to encourage investment and the creation of employment opportunities in the country, so entrepreneurs and business people are welcome. Read more…

Study Visas

South Africa has become a popular destination for foreign students. Not only does it offer world-class institutions, it also offers a dynamic environment for learning. Read more…

Spousal and Life Partner Visas

If you are returning to South Africa with a new partner, it is possible for your partner to apply for a South African visa so that they can accompany you. They may also apply for the right to work while waiting for their paperwork to be finalised. Read more…

Relatives Visa

There are different levels of visas in this category and Home Affairs differentiates between first-kin and second-kin relatives. First kin, for example children, can apply for temporary and permanent residency while second kin, for example brothers and sisters of the citizen, may only apply for temporary residency. Read more…

Corporate Visas

For companies struggling to recruit key personnel locally, a Corporate Visa will help to obtain permission to recruit the necessary skills from other countries. Read more…

Financially Independent Visas

The category of Financially Independent Visas offers only permanent residence as an option and not temporary residence. To apply in this category, a candidate will need to show that they have a net worth of ZAR 12 million as well as the visa costs of ZAR 120,000, so it’s a good idea to apply for a South African visa in one of the other categories if possible.

Volunteer Visas

Available under extended visitors’ visas, a volunteer visa allows visitors to carry out work on a voluntary basis for up to 36 months.

If you want to learn more about South African Visas and Permits, please feel free to contact us now!


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