Study Visa South Africa

Study Visa - Permit South Africa
Study Visa – Permit South Africa

A study visa for South Africa is needed by two main categories:

  • The overseas students looking to continue their studies in South Africa.
  • The younger student who is accompanying parents who have undertaken immigration to South Africa.

South Africa is becoming an increasingly popular destination for overseas students, as well as immigrants and returning South Africans, who attracted by the excellent schooling and value for money.

South Africa can boast excellent learning establishments both in the more traditional universities and colleges as well as specialist areas such as language schools and drama schools.

Of course one of the largest attractions is the superb value for money South Africa offers. With the ever increasing fees of Europe and America. South Africa with its lower course fees and the associated living costs makes sense financially.

Even more attractive is that all student visa holders are allowed to work 20 hours a week part time, allowing them to earn whilst they learn!

Of course education is important but so is the social aspect of universities and colleges and the South African lifestyle ensures a memorable time with excellent night-life, amazing scenery and a large international student representation.

The main criteria in obtaining your study visa are being accepted by an appropriate learning institution, available funds and adequate medical cover.

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